Grow With Us Kids Club

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Growth spurts happen.  We can help!

With Lakeshore Bike's Grow With Us  Kids Club trade-up program, keeping your child on a bike that fits properly as they grow is now easier.  When you buy your first kids bike from us, you're giving your child a quality product that’s lightweight, well-built, proper fit and it comes with FREE SERVICE!  Your young cyclist will love the new ride, and you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve invested in a professionally-assembled kid's bike that will retain it's value.

Here's how our Grow With Us Kids Club works!

It’s simple! Purchase a kid’s 12" or 16" wheeled bike from Lakeshore Bike. When your child grows out of the bike, you can trade it in for the next larger bike (16", 20"or 24") and receive 100% of the smaller bike's original purchase price. Take home the proper size, and ride safely today and in the future!(Child's first bike must be 12" or 16" wheeled.) Stop into Lakeshore Bike for details.                                   

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